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Hand made process

How Handmade Paper comes to life?

Handmade Paper is well known for its exceptional texture, which makes it different from Machine made paper. There are more than one ways to manufacture handmade paper.

Inspection of Raw Materials

The Handmade Paper is made from raw materials like cotton waste known as cotton rag. Recycled paper is also used to make Handmade Paper. Fibres from plant species give a unique texture to the handmade paper. This cotton waste is checked and any unwanted materials are removed. The quality of Handmade Paper depends upon the raw materials used or the base pulp.

Sizing of Cotton Waste

The next step in manufacturing of handmade paper is where the sorted cotton waste is cut into uniform sizes. After the cotton waste is cut into uniform sizes by a chopper the uniformly cut cotton waste are then through the next process.


This process is a vital process in the handmade paper manufacturing process. Water is mixed with the chopped cotton waste to convert it into fine pulp. Utmost care is supposed to be taken at this step to ensure that the handmade paper to be manufactured from his pulp is of required consistency. For making textured handmade paper and coloured handmade paper the other raw materials like colour dyes, straw, rose petals, silk fibres, jute fibres, fragrance, etc is added in this step.


Dipping: - The pulp readied from the previous process is ready for handmade papermaking. In this method the pulp is transferred from the beater to a vat. The important consideration to be kept in the mind during this process is the thickness of the handmade paper required. According to the desired thickness of the Handmade Paper the pulp is diluted with water. The frame with wire mesh is then dipped into the pulp.  Then the frame is shaken and then lifted out of the vat. Then it is transferred onto the mould where handmade paper sheet is formed.


The wet handmade paper is then kept on a cloth, till the entire pulp is used and the process is completed.


Using a mechanical pressing machine the excess water from the paper sheet is removed. This helps in increasing the strength of handmade paper and helps in quickening of the drying process.

Drying, Cleaning & Sizing

The handmade sheets are then hanged to remove the remaining moisture. The dirt particles are also removed from the handmade sheets. The handmade sheets are then coated with starch. This helps in improving the physical properties of the handmade paper there by enhances consistency.

Calendering & Cutting

To smoothen the handmade paper, the sheets are placed between metallic plates. There after they are passed through heavy rollers in a calendaring machine. This helps in smoothening of handmade paper. There after the handmade papers are taken for cutting. Before this process, the handmade paper sheets have a natural edge. To make the handmade paper feasible to be worked upon it is cut into standard size of 22”x30” or 56cms x 76cms.

Once the Handmade Paper is made, they can be further processed into different designs as per your order.

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Bad lenders only be emergency cash loans these less controllable.

100% Recycled Handmade Paper
    100% Recycled Handmade Paper